Livery available...

we currently have two spaces available for basic diy, assisted diy or full livery. There is also one retirement space available.


Full livery

We are now offering full livery with limited spaces! 7 day muck out, turn out/bring in, feeding, rug changes, arranging and holding for farrier/vet/clipping/dentist/physio/massage/saddle fitting £100 p/w



stable, individual turnout, auto drinkers, £50 per week


Stable, individual turnout, auto drinkers, MON-FRI only feeds in, rugs changed, horses turned out am, held for pre arranged farrier days, £60 per week

All our livery packages include all hay, straw and haylage, auto drinkers in stables and fields and use of all our facilities.


  • We have a 22x44m outdoor arena with equine silica sand and fibre mix surface.

  • Arena is flood lit

  • The arena has mirrors and dressage markers

  • Full set of show jumps and poly poles.

  • We have a drimee sunburst ultra pro solarium which includes infra red light therapy and cooling fans.

  • Hot wash

  • Monarch veterinary stocks      

  • Surfaced round pen - equine silica sand and fibre

  • Private hacking

  • Livery kitchen, toilet and sitting area.

  • Regular riding instructors

  • Yard farrier

  • Yard vet

  • Clinics coming 2019              

Our arena is available to hire at £10 p/h per horse.

Veterinary stocks, solarium, hot wash and round pen also available to hire

We also are offering retirement livery. 

We sell our hay in large round bales, please contact us for further details.